The Melody Behind the Voice

  Originally from Southern California, I’m currently residing in and renovating my charming – and definitely not haunted – Victorian manor in Kansas, known as Chez Mouse.  I’ve lived in the Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Midwest and the inaka of Japan.

  When I’m not in my home studio, I can be found writing, reading, watching anime, playing cozy games on the Switch, or caring for the special needs cats I foster for Jefferson County Humane Society.  IG @chezmousefosters is where you can see my past and currently adoptable fosters. 

  Long time gamer, I stream occasionally on Twitch as MelodyAliceVO.  I lean toward Indie visual novel games that don’t have voiceover, so people with reading issues can enjoy listening along.  Inclusion is something I care about.   I hold a certificate from the University of Redlands, Campus for Diversity and Inclusion for completing their Eureka Diversity Program.   

 During my time employed at University of Redlands, CA, 2006 through 2014, I was a Theatre Arts Assistant, Safe Space Ally, Anime Club Staff Advisor, and Guest Speaker in Japanese 301, presenting on Cosplay. 


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