The Melody Behind the Voice

  Originally from Southern California, I’m currently residing in and renovating my charming Victorian manor in Kansas.  I’ve lived in the Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Midwest and the inaka of Japan.

  When I’m not in my home studio, I can be found writing, reading extensively, watching sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, or caring for my rescue rabbit, and the special needs cats I foster for Jefferson County Humane Society.  IG @chezmousefosters is where you can see my past and currently adoptable fosters. 

  An interesting fact about me is that I have a vestibular disorder.  For me it’s more like a superpower than a disability because it gives me an extra sharp sense for pitch and tone.  Long time gamer, I stream occasionally on Twitch as MelodyAliceVO.  I lean toward Indie visual novel games that don’t already have voiceover, so people with reading issues can enjoy listening along.  Inclusion is something I care about.   I hold a certificate from the University of Redlands, Campus for Diversity and Inclusion for completing their Eureka Diversity Program.   

 During my time employed at University of Redlands, CA, 2006 through 2014, I was a Theatre Arts Assistant, Safe Space Ally, Anime Club Staff Advisor, and Guest Speaker in Japanese 301, presenting on Cosplay. 


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