April Showers Bring May Corpse Flowers

I was waving but it looks like I’m giving you the Vulcan Salute so with that welcome to the Spring update!

Publishing updates

Cover art for Double Feature Magazine Annual #1:
An Evening at the Grand Guignol

Double Feature Magazine’s Annual #1: An Evening at the Grand Guignol is almost here! Just look at that gorgeously grotesque cover art and check out the Greenband trailer on YouTube. Releasing April 23rd and featuring a reworked version of “Garnets and Leather” along with 9 other stories of terror and beauty by W.P. Quigley, D.S. Vernon, S N Humphreys, Madi Quinn, Misha Tuesday, John McColley, Michael Strong, Maggie Moreau, and Lucienne LeBeau. Poetry by Susan Devine, and artistic design by Nix Black. The link above will take you to Ascendent Publishing’s store. You can also order from B&N or your preferred local bookseller or comic shop.

#SPIRIT: A White Stag Anthology of poetry now has a prospective release date to coincide with Samhain / All Saints 2023.

I have an Amazon Author page now that you can follow to purchase both Kindle and paperback editions of my published works as they’re released. I also have a GoodReads author profile. Both are looking a little sparse right now but with Amazon available releases coming in June, October, and November, PLUS some indie anthologies available directly from the publishers please be sure to give a follow and review if you can. It helps small indie authors like me get more visibility.

In non-publishing news…

Daphne supervising the writing process

Is anyone else addicted to Yellowjackets? My partner and I took a mini vacation to the Haunted Hotel Josephine and marathoned the entire show, only stopping for a 3AM ghost hunt. I can’t wait for Misty to meet Elijah Wood’s character and watch them match wits and possibly team up while out creeping each other.

I’m beginning to record the audiobook for the latest Java Jarvis thriller by #1 bestselling LGBT author Erin Wade. This is 3rd Java Jarvis book but my first one to narrate. I’m probably too into voicing the character of Barbie who is a poisoner. I have a weakness for bubbly but dark characters. They’re just so much fun.

I’m officially cancer free but that surprise diagnose back in December 2022 threw me off for a bit. I’m still recovering from radiation treatment but now I have less than a month to gain my strength back for my business trip to Japan! I’m so excited to travel with Cari Cakes and the other 22 people that were lucky enough to land a spot with her through TrovaTrip. I’ll be getting headshots taken while I’m there at Studio Esperanto in Kyoto. No generic white backgrounds for me when I send out my voiceover resume and demos! Hoping that this time away – even though it will be jam packed with activities and sight seeing – will also be the rest I need to reinspire and revitalize me. After all, Tono was written based off of my time living there.

Speaking of my first love, voiceover… if you follow me for my writing but haven’t been over to the main page here at melodyalicevo.com go check out my new commercial and narration demos! Voice acting is my bread and butter and infuses my writing and vice versa. I can no longer imagine doing one without the other.

As always,
Thanks for reading

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