Horrormance? It’s February and Love Gone Wrong Abounds

Greetings from my little frozen corner of the midwest. How is the new year treating you so far? Mine is off to a busy start! In fact my calendar up until Spring (which can’t get here soon enough – see above photo) is ridiculously, but wonderfully full.

As a new writer still discovering and honing my voice after less than a full year of writing and sending stories out for publication – I’ve come to realize that all of my writing while covering multiple genres definitely has a running theme. That theme isn’t horrormance by definition but the aftermath. What happens when the romance is over, the highs and lows already experienced, the worst horror having already taken place. Now it’s time to get down to business and move on. What does the final act of freeing oneself and coming into their own look like for these women in my stories? How do we, as women writers, subvert the trope of violence against women for shock value and show their and therefore our teeth – turning monstrous as a means of self preservation and growth. Women as survivors, as their own heroes, as necessary monsters – villains in someone else’s story, but I’m not telling those stories as they’ve been the dominant narrative for ages. These are women’s stories. These are my stories and poems, fantastical and horrific but always drawn from my own truths. A lovingly and lovely gift wrapped package that slits your hand open if you handle carelessly.

I have a couple of poems, a couple of stories, and a revised version of Garnets and Leather being published soon, but in the meantime let’s do a neat little recap of what is out and orderable now and what is forthcoming. Just click on the links for more info.

Available Now

Beautiful Darkness Volume 1 – contains my short story “Garnets and Leather” (dark fantasy/horror)
Double Feature Magazine Volume 1 Mondo Apocalypto (18+) – contains my short story “Amanda” (horror, gore)

Coming Soon

Double Feature Magazine: The Grand Guignol issue – revised version of “Garnets and Leather” – May 2023

Tumbled Tales: An Anthology of Unconventional Stories – contains the short story Tono (sapphic romance, fantasy, light horror) June 2023

Under Her Eye: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase – contains the poem cured – Nov 7, 2023

#SPIRIT: A White Stag Anthology – contains the poem Aromatica – TBA


I’ve had to take a break from writing for a bit to focus on my health and my main career love, voice acting, HOWEVER, I have no less than 7 short stories in the drafts folder just waiting for the stars to align. I’ve also been shopping around to publishers a quiet haunted house story that I wrote within the same week as both Garnets and Leather and Tono. The poetry flows as it does so expect more of those eventually as well. Until then, thank you for being here for this new and latest journey of mine. If you would have asked me at this time last year if I thought I could become a published author I would have scoffed. I also would have done the same thing 2 years ago if asked if I could see myself working as an actor and well, here I am.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams my creepy little lovelies. Until next time….

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