Coming Soon! Double Feature Magazine

Hello lovelies. Happy November!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a staff editor and contributing writer for a new project from the mind of friend and colleague w.p. Quigley. Double Feature magazine Issue #1 MONDO APOCALYPTO will feature two feature films from Quigley that will terrify, shock, and shake you to your core. Double Feature’s aim is to be “a loving homage and tribute to those magical nights at drive-in movie theatres and grindhouses across this land.” ~ w.p. Quigley

For Issue #1 I’ll have a small flash fiction piece, or “short film” for you titled Breaking Up. Like most of my stories, “Breaking Up” is part based on truth and a whole lot based on a nightmare. I drafted this out over the course of one fevered night that just happened to coincide with this year’s NaNoWriMo and the launch of Double Feature. Kismet! It’s the shortest piece I’ve ever written but also the most raw, coming out almost entirely complete, with adjustments made exclusively for Double Feature. It’s also to date the most graphic and easily categorizable as a horror story.

This inaugural winter issue will also feature a short film by Chris Philbrook, and an intermission article about the origin of that salt and butter drenched movie going experience that we all know and love, popcorn!

For more info on the launch of the magazine and Ascendent Publishing check out their shiny new website and get on the mailing list.

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